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Top Ten Reasons

There are countless reasons that supporting local business is important, however we have done our best to come up with the top ten as follows:

1)    It’s good for the environment – Local businesses use less transportation to obtain supplies, and it takes less for local consumers to attain final products, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint than purchasing from national organizations. Local businesses are typically located within close proximity to cities as opposed to in suburbia, which also results in less transportation. In general this leads to much less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

Read more about the environmental benefits of supporting local here

2)    It creates desirable jobs – In Seattle as well as nationally, small local businesses provide the most jobs to local residents. Who wants to work for a minimum wage for a company whose profits don’t benefit the local community?

3)    It keeps Seattle unique and cool – All of the unique restaurants, shops, entertainment, and services are part of what makes Seattle such a special place to live. These businesses truly define our community, give us character, and are an integral part of the Seattle experience.

4)    You get better service and more informed employees – Local businesses generally employ people with a deep understanding of what they are selling, and a desire to please customers.

5)    It encourages entrepreneurship, creativity, and local prosperity – When new and unique businesses receive support from the community, it creates competition and we end up with a collection of cutting-edge businesses and ever-improving services.

6)    You create demand and get to buy what you want instead of what someone tells you that you want – When you have a multitude of small businesses in an area, you have a much broader range of product choices as a consumer. This ensures innovation and leaves it up to businesses to fulfill the desires of a local community as opposed to a national firm.

7)    It is a personal way of investing in the area you live – When you support local business, you are in turn supporting people who are local to the community and that have more of a stake in the future of this area.

8)    It supports Non-profits and other well doing businesses – Small businesses account for an average of 250% more support of Non-profit organizations than do large corporations.

9)    Apply more of your tax dollars to where they are intended – Nationally owned corporations require a huge amount of tax dollar investment for infrastructure and use very little in the way of public services in comparison to small businesses.

10)   It is a great way to support yourself and your community – The philosophy is simple: When you put your money into the community, it stays in the community, and the result is a much better place to call home. Supporting local business is healthy for you and the community you live in.

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