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November 4 2007

Financial investments

An investor’s age influences the amount of risk they can withstand. As time goes on and markets value money differently, an older investor will have less value and more risk. We offer our most comprehensive financial services to investors regardless of age.
We offer:
We create tailored plans for your unique financial situation and make sure we offer financial planning to you that meets your needs. We want to empower you to improve your financial life. With our planning and investing tools, you can increase the amount you can save, invest and save for the future.
Saver Plans
The first step to meeting your financial goals is to learn how to manage your money better. The First Step Plan offers tax-favored savings accounts and professional investment guidance in every step of the plan. As an investor, you also receive one-on-one assistance with investment management so you can save money on your own.
Assets and Investments
Another strategy we offer is asset allocation. We can help you evaluate a portfolio of assets for which you can have a tax-free allocation. This ensures you will never have a tax burden or credit for less than 100% of your income, and you have the lowest tax burden from your investments. Asset allocation can be further improved with a third strategy, that of low-cost index funds. For example, an investor can take advantage of low cost index funds for low-cost options for asset allocation.
Our portfolio consists of more than a thousand stocks and it is diversified across the industries we serve. Our investments are based on the size and volatility of each industry, and we’re confident you can take advantage of our recommendations.
We include exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for certain industries and funds that specialize in individual stocks and bonds. We only invest in mutual funds and ETFs that meet our specific guidelines and can easily be substituted for more expensive, specialized mutual funds. You can select the industry that best suits your investment needs, determine which ETFs will best suit you and look at various funds, you can get further information by visiting websites like SoFi.
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