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Seattle Coffee, Tea, and Soda

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola logoIn 1999 the first Victrola café opened on the top of Capitol Hill in Seattle. From day one, people came in droves. Many said that the café made 15th Ave a neighborhood. It was a comfortable community space, “the living room of Capitol Hill”, that served great coffee, had interesting local art, and events- a true third place where all sorts of people came together.

By late 2003, Victrola had become a café that served great coffee and had skillfully developed roast profiles in the cramped back room. Before long, Victrola gained the reputation as one of the city’s premier coffee roasting companies. It was known in coffee circles nation-wide as a company who was pushing boundaries and stretching what was common practice in the industry. Victrola has a history of being on the cutting edge. We had the very first commercially available temperature stable espresso machine. In January of 2007, Victrola took a big step and opened its second location and a brand new beautiful roastery just up from down town Seattle on Pike street.

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DRY Soda Co.

Dry Soda logoSeattle-based DRY Soda Co. offers a modern line of all-natural, less-sweet sodas, flavored with fruit, flower or herb extracts. Each 12 oz. bottle contains just 45-70 calories and four ingredients, including pure cane sugar. DRY’s clean finish and unique flavor profiles make them the ideal sodas to sip on their own, pair with a meal, or mix into a cocktail.

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