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About Us

Seattle skylineThe Seattle Umbrella is a Seattle-owned-and-operated “local certification” company, committed to promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly local community in Seattle. The Seattle Umbrella is the first and only “local certification” company in Seattle, and the only service to certify businesses as local to Seattle.

In addition to local certification, we couple innovative technology with our passion for the Seattle area, to provide an excellent way to promote and encourage the success of local businesses. Our goal is to create an alliance of Seattle-based business, and connect them with the community and people who want to support them. We are focused on creating a readily available showcase of local Seattle-based businesses, and putting them in front of the community through as many avenues as possible. We support and encourage creativity, innovation, green practices, and strive to achieve the best for the Seattle area. The Seattle Umbrella is medium for publicity with the underlining goal of keeping Seattle local.


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